Nashville: Not On Tonight! Ugh!

12 Dec

Well if you turned to ABC around this time or you looked up at the television at work like I did, you notice that Nashville is not on right now. Yes, last week’s episode was the Winter finale… Bummer! But we are guaranteed that they will be back in January with all new episodes.

Teddy comes clean to Rayna about everything, and she is disappointed and in shock at the deceit that has been going on especially the fact that her father and her sister knew about it and didn’t say anything.

Rayna confronts Coleman about his threats, but Coleman decides to release the pictures of Teddy and Peggy anyway. When Rayna goes to talk to her about it, Peggy is put in the ambulance heading to the hospital after overdosing on pills. Rayna tells Teddy that something more has to be going on between them, but Teddy assures her that there was no affair. (Yeah, right.)

At a press conference, Rayna shows up to show her support for Teddy and stand by him as they dismiss the rumors of the affair. However, she tells him the only reason she did was because of their kids.

Meanwhile on the music front, the executives tell Rayna that they want her and Juliette to go on tour together. And surprisingly, Rayna is considering doing it.

Both Deacon and Avery get new opportunities. Deacon gets the chance to go on the road with some old friends who are now sober. After talking to Rayna, Deacon accepts the offer. Avery meets with King in Atlanta, but King only wants Avery and not the band.

Gunnar’s girlfriend notices that Gunnar has feelings for Scarlett, and they end their relationship. Gunnar then confesses his feelings for Scarlett and kisses her. She kisses him back, but she breaks away saying that she doesn’t think they should go there.

Scarlett gets the opportunity to possibly sing lead for a new band, and she tells Gunnar that maybe she should take a break writing music with him. However, they both are called into the office, and the executive tells them they have sold their first song, and she is looking for more songs from them.

Juliette is growing closer with Sean, and she even goes to church with him and his family. When she kind of “invites” herself to Sunday dinner with his family, his mother tells Juliette that she will not allow her to ruin her son’s life or career.

That night, Juliette has a surprise for Sean at her place. When he arrives, she asks him to marry her.

Wow… What a way to end! Scarlett is so aggravating. She knows she has feelings for Gunnar, and she needs to stop playing games. It’s annoying, and she just needs to stop trying to play hard to get.

I definitely think Teddy had an affair. That girl isn’t trying to commit suicide because of some embezzlement. There was something going on. I really wish Deacon and Rayna would hook up. I know it’s wrong, but… they look so good together.

I definitely don’t think Juliette should be rushing to become anybody’s wife. She’s so damaged, and it’s obvious that she’s longing for some sense of family and stability. I want her and Sean to work out because Lord knows, she does NOT need to be with Deacon. They look so wrong together. But I don’t think they should be trying to get married.

This tour should be very interesting. That song they did together was hot, but I don’t know if their egos can last a whole tour together. We’ll see when Nashville returns in January on ABC.

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